Episode 59

Kristin Rettger


November 3rd, 2022

54 mins 16 secs

Season 4

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Kristin shares about her interest in everything Jack White and his careerW in many other acts. She also shares about her experience of living in Paris the past two years!

Kristin's soundtrack includes:

  1. The White Stripes-Catch Hell Blues
  2. Nickel Creek-Jealous Of The Moon
  3. Janelle Monae-Tightrope
  4. Sufjan Stevens-Eugene
  5. Brendan Benson-What I'm Looking For
  6. San Fermin-Sonsick
  7. Blanche-What This Town Needs
  8. Regina Spektor-Dance Anthem Of The 80's
  9. The White Stripes-The Denial Twist
  10. Dolly Parton-Here You Come Again